Inspired by the parisian elegance

Hello ! 

My name is Sarah and I am the creator of Atelier Arnezsa, a one-woman business where I crochet each garment by hand myself.

Crafting is an art passed down to me by my mother. This was reflected at different times of my life, during which I was able to practice drawing, knitting, sewing and even doing home improvements. Nevertheless having graduated in scientific studies, this attraction to creative arts has always been a part of me.

Crochet was a recent discovery but not the least! The process of creation and the repetitive movements of the stitches have become a source of solace and meditation. Now, I cannot spend a day without it, as the possibilities of design, colors, crochet stitches and shapes are endless.

I firmly believe that this infinity of possibilities makes each piece created unique, beautiful and intricate, just like you. For me, Atelier Arnezsa is the way to celebrate you in all your colors, shapes and personalities.

Therefore, offering to tailor the pieces to your measurements seemed obvious to me, because what is better than a garment that fits you perfectly? This is the garment in which you will feel beautiful, confident, comfortable and chic at the same time.


Creatively yours,


Sustainably made

Atelier Arnezsa is an eco-responsible slow-fashion business, where each piece is carefully crafted in a conscious and sustainable way. Indeed, the art of crochet is sustainable by nature in that each piece is made with a single thread : no other extra material is needed !

I have also made the choice not to have items in stock and to only make each piece once the order has been placed: in this way, waste is avoided and each item is carefully made specifically for you.

In addition, a repair policy is in place to restore your Atelier Arnezsa garments if they ever get damaged in order to prevent them from ending up in landfills.

The goal is to create items meant to stand the test of time and be treasured for generations ✨